Each center offers educational programs and workshops for youth and adults that focus on personal development and leadership. ARISE runs two cycles of programs each year (Jan-April/Aug-Nov), and a summer program for children.  ARISE also focuses on social justice issues such as immigration, housing, and the environment.


ARISE is a community based program that works with colonia families to strengthen their communities. Located in four colonias in South Texas, each ARISE center responds to the specific needs of the community. ARISE'S mission is to aid communities by helping residents identify life goals and providing resources to help them reach those goals on their own. "ARISE does not do for the people what the people can do for themselves." ARISE is co-sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of South Central and the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.

working with the community.

ARISE staff go door-to-door to ask women about their needs and then they encourage them to visit the center or participate in a class or meeting. It is through encouraging them to participate, that women begin to recognize and share their talents. Although all of ARISE’s programs are free, adults are asked to do servicio contribuido (contributed service) once a week. This means that each person gives hours of service back to ARISE or to the community at large. This gives participants a sense of dignity, and a feeling that they are not just receiving charity. connecting women and children to be the change in there community. Through teamwork and ambition the communities of las milpas, south tower, muniz and hargil thrive. Giving hope and setting an example for the lower rio grande valley.